Himmelblau provides guidance, training, and advice to impact organizations in enhancing their fundraising capacities, scaling up their activities, and professionalizing their operations. 

This includes support in:

  • Development of a fundraising strategy
  • Development of a fundraising plan
  • Assistance with implementation of the plans
  • Donor mapping (mapping potential donors)
  • Pitching
  • Proposal writing
  • Donor relationship management
  • Reporting to donors
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Planning and embedding fundraising in the organization
  • Discussing progress

Our clients are civil society organizations, charities, and social entrepreneurs, as well as major donors, who increasingly prioritize self-reliance and capacity-building among their partners as part of their giving strategy.

Additional services for Major Donors

Himmelblau also advises major donors, such as individuals, wealth funds, and companies, on their giving strategies and guides their implementation. This includes finding suitable organizations and projects, as well as monitoring and evaluating projects.

Examples of clients

More about the Himmelblau project

More about the Himmelblau project

"Veronika Uhl is jointly responsible for the sustainable growth and scaling up of our Rainbow Homes Program for street girls in India. She is an expert in capacity building and strengthening local organizations. She speaks the language of both charities and businesses, making her extremely effective in fundraising, sponsor relations and strategy development.”

Loes Klappe-Linsen
Chairman of the Board Partnership Foundation

“I am delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial for Veronika, an exceptional fundraising trainer who has truly made a profound impact on my life. Under Veronika’s guidance, I have gained invaluable knowledge and skills in the art of fundraising that have elevated my ability to support meaningful causes. Her passion for philanthropy is contagious, and her dedication to empowering individuals like myself is truly inspiring. Veronika’s training sessions are not only informative but also engaging, filled with practical strategies and real-life examples that make the learning experience both enjoyable and effective. Her expertise in crafting compelling narratives and building meaningful relationships with donors is second to none. Through Veronika’s mentorship, I have not only enhanced my fundraising capabilities but also developed a deeper understanding of the importance of social impact. Her unwavering support, encouragement, and personalized guidance have been invaluable throughout my journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Veronika to anyone seeking to excel in the field of fundraising; she is a true gem and an exceptional trainer who has positively transformed my fundraising endeavors.”

Sujan Basnet
Program Director
Sapana Village Social Impact
“I have worked with Himmelblau for the last 4 years, this was the same time when I got involved in fundraising for Link to Progress. During these past 4 years, I learnt that, once you have established a partnership with a donor, they can be a very good point of contact to other potential donors as long as trust is built with them. One should be proud of the efforts made to keep the process irrespective of the results. Just as you happily share your success, so too is the need to share the gaps and shortcomings honestly. This I learnt from my interactions with Himmelblau. At the beginning of the partnership, some donors preferred not to pay for overhead costs of LTP, this was due to their policies depending on where the funds come from, but with advice from Himmelblau, we realised that with bigger and subsequent funding, we as partners should be strong in advocating for contributions to overhead costs, as this is the only way our organisation can grow from one level to another. All this has together enabled LTP to increase her fundraising from 1,500 Euros raised in 2018 to over 1,000,000 Euros raised in 2023 and our donor list has been expanded and maintained. I look forward to continuing to work with Himmelblau and as well recommend her services for other organisations who wish to grow in fundraising.”
Juliet Arecho
Country Manager Link to Progress
"Meanwhile, I have engaged Veronika for several local partners of mine in Africa and Asia, to train them on how to set up and do their own fundraising. Without exception, all partners responded enthusiastically to the trainings. She has also mentored a couple of partners for several years in their fundraising who are now pursuing this completely independently and have more than doubled their income stream! Veronika is knowledgeable, sensitive to different cultures and knows how to guide people from A to Z in a customized way. I am grateful to her for this and will certainly make use of her services for other partners.”
Liesbeth Nagelkerke Mulder
Director FEMI Foundation