Himmelblau was founded in 1995 by Veronika Uhl. The name refers to her career at KLM and her Austrian background. Veronika connects, guides, and inspires companies, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and private foundations to increase their social impact.

After a career at KLM, holding leadership positions at innovative NGOs, and receiving professional training in yoga and Ayurveda, Veronika decided to dedicate her time to contributing to a better society by building bridges between different worlds. Between people and cultures. Between passion and business. Between fundraisers, givers and implementing organizations. Authenticity, stability, structure and commitment define her approach.


"I am passionate about leveraging my expertise, knowledge, and network to support organizations that are doing incredible work and making a positive difference. Through structured and sustainable fundraising, they can expand their activities, reach more people, and ultimately create an even greater impact."
Veronika Uhl