An integrated, Tailor-Made Approach

Himmelblau works with the belief that positive change requires an integrated approach: combining training and application, planning and implementation, and head and heart. While quick advice is possible, projects are often long-term. After all, solid foundations are necessary for building a future. Long-term involvement does not necessarily mean intensive or extensive. Himmelblau's level of engagement depends on the organization's specific need for support and the team's knowledge and experience.

From Plan to Implementation

Each assignment begins with a comprehensive assessment of the organization and team, identifying needs, objectives, and boundaries. Based on this assessment, Himmelblau develops a roadmap that combines workshops, advice, training, and guidance on implementation, utilizing both online and on-site methods. The roadmap includes clear objectives, milestones, and deliverables.

Capacity Building Supported by Knowledge, Expertise, and Network

A project's success hinges on the professional growth and empowerment of teams and organizations. Knowledge transfer is central to Himmelblau's approach, guiding teams step by step through the improvement process. Himmelblau offers guidance, challenges, adjusts, and monitors results. Connecting organizations with the right people and resources is a crucial aspect of Himmelblau's approach, leveraging its expertise, knowledge, and network. Above all, Himmelblau focuses on utilizing the talents of the people involved.