Himmelblau ontwikkeling

Branding is just as important for a non-profit organisation as for any other organisation. Once you have established your goals and identified your strengths you will have the leitmotif for all activities within your organisation.

The world around us requires organisations to adapt continuously. For the people who make up the organisations, this means continuously developing their way of thinking and acting.

Himmelblau training programmes are an ideal instrument to bring a recommendation or plan to life at all levels of an organisation and in its day-to-day practice. For this Himmelblau offers tailored programmes in the field of:

  • Marketing: how to develop a good marketing plan and, on the basis of that, realistic action plans in line with the culture of the organisation.
  • Branding: Why is it important? How to develop and use a brand book. How to apply branding on the shop floor.
  • Corporate giving: How to select a social goal to collaborate with that best suits your organisation.

Development begins with the managers of an organisation collectively and consciously going through a process to define the direction and substance of the company. Himmelblau facilitates such processes, with regard to organisation, planning and strategy with workshops and creative brainstorming sessions.

For Change for Children, a collaboration of development organisations, for example, we developed and conducted a training programme on branding and marketing.

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