Himmelblau marketing

A clear positioning of your brand is the springboard for all your subsequent activities.

Organisations often have in-house knowledge of their markets, customers and competitors, but encounter practical or substantive obstacles when it comes to converting that knowledge to concrete marketing activities.
Himmelblau helps organisations make that conversion by offering hands-on support and training.

This may involve dealing with obstacles in developing and formulating the marketing strategy, for example. There may be issues we help to address, such as: 'What image do we want our customers or donors to have of us?' or 'What distinguishes us from other organisations?'
But our support could equally entail developing authentic marketing plans and converting them to realistic action plans. Plans that are in line with the culture and working methods of the organisation.

Where (specific) knowledge is lacking, Himmelblau will conduct the necessary customer and competitive research to prepare clear strengths and weaknesses analyses. The findings of such research can also provide a basis and inspiration for the development of new or improved products and services, or lead to the instigation of CSR activities, PR/lobby processes, events or communication campaigns.

As far as Himmelblau is concerned, a project is only completed and successful when an organisation brings life to the advice by actually implementing it.

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