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In our experience, corporate giving is a great motivator and stimulator for employees. It creates solidarity, strengthens the internal culture, contributes to the positive image of the company, and generates countless opportunities to collaborate more closely with all organisational stakeholders.

At the same time however, corporate giving is still relatively uncharted territory. In practice we see that companies are most successful if they consciously seek a project that is a perfect match with their strategy, field of expertise, corporate ideology and key values. Both companies and idealistic causes therefore need new knowledge and skills to make collaboration really work.

Linking companies with good causes is all about building bridges. That is where we are in our element. We believe in the power of symbiosis between businesses and social goals, and of combining this with the knowledge and practical experience in both worlds. From our personal passion to contribute to a better world, we create relationships that generate maximum benefit for all concerned: the receivers of the social goal, the organisation behind the social goal, and the company whose employees are involved.

We therefore consider it our personal mission to efficiently help companies to define an authentic and motivating corporate giving strategy. That, to us, is the basis for entering meaningful relationships with social goals. In the Netherlands and far beyond.

Together with our customer, we determine how to chart out this (development) pathway; through interviews, a workshop or working groups. Of course, we also agree a time path. We start by developing a corporate giving policy. Within this framework we then select certain social goals and help establish a relationship. We remain involved once a project has been implemented, monitoring the agreements as regards realisation, communicating the results, and periodically evaluating whether the objectives set have been reached.

'Professionally contributing to a better world, effective donations with clearly defined goals, communication of the results and accountability for how the money donated is spent. That's good for both the receiver and the company.'
Veronika Uhl, founder of Himmelblau

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